The aim of the event
An endurance event whereby teams of up to 4 riders take it in turns to ride a machine for 5hrs around a specially prepared off-road track.
Each team entering are agreeing to help raise funds for their own favourite charitable organisations and will be responsible for donating any funds raised directly to them.


Small fun trophies will be awarded as follows;
1st, 2nd, and 3rd – the teams who have completed the most laps in CLASS 1

1st, 2nd, and 3rd – the teams who have completed the most laps in CLASS 2

Best Endeavours – to the team who through all adversities tried the hardest to complete laps (judged by other teams).
Fancy Dress – to the team judged to be wearing the best fancy dress costumes (judged by track staff). Also, the team who are awarded this trophy will have a bonus of 5 championship points awarded.


Classes of machine

You will need to decide which class you are entering;-

CLASS 1: Maximum engine size of 50cc ‘twist and go’ automatic moped or step through scooter. (note all event numbers assigned will begin with the number ‘1’).
CLASS 2: Maximum engine size of 50cc for a two stroke or up to 90cc for a 4 stroke, semi auto or manual geared machine. (note all event numbers assigned will begin with the number ‘2’).

Please note that the regulations for Class 2 in 2018 are changing whereby geared machines such as Yamaha DT50, Suzuki TS50 and Derbi Senda’s will no longer be able to be used. You will be able to enter a hybrid whereby the engine is replaced with a 4 stroke engine no bigger in capacity than 90cc.

No budget maximum regarding the value of the machine.

Only standard forecourt fuel can be used.

The machine can only be a model which would have been originally sold for the road here in the U.K. – strictly no pit bike or mini bikes (including converted motocross machines)

If you are in doubt about the validity of your machine, please contact the event organisers via the contact page prior to submitting your entry giving full details of your machine.
Exhausts must be of a road legal fitment and from a machine originally intended to be sold for the road.
Off road pattern tyres permitted (recommended).
All glass must be removed from the machine including plastic light lenses.
Both front and rear brakes must be in good working order.
The machine must be fitted with a kill switch if there is no ignition key.
The machine must be fitted with a fuel tap which is accessible in case of an emergency unless it utilises an electronic fuel injection system.
No machines can be replaced by a spare machine once the event is underway.
Machines must be fitted with front and rear mudguards

Modifications are acceptable if the parts used are from road based machines, and which are up to the capacity of the class of machine that you are entering. e.g. if you are using a 90cc machine you can only use parts from other machines which are models that were up to 90cc’s, and which were once machines that would have been sold in a UK showroom for the road. Replacement pattern parts are acceptable as long as they would have been sold openly for road purposes.

Modifications to the frame to strengthen it are allowed (twist and go scooters and step-through mopeds have been known to bend!).

All machines will be subjected to noise testing prior to the start and whilst the event is underway. If a machine is deemed to be too noisy, repairs can be made to reduce the noise before the machine can restart the event. The restart is subject to the approval of the event organisers or track staff.

The Team
Max 4 riders per team
A team Captain must be nominated for contact purposes.
All riders must be aged 14 or over on the date of the event.
All team members must ride at least one complete lap.
Replacement riders are not permitted once the event is underway.
Any medical issues must be reported in advance of the day to event organisers.

Safety Clothing
Crash helmets can be open or full faced, and be road or race approved.
Eye protection must be worn; goggles, visor or approved safety sunglasses are suitable.
Boots (motocross style or road-race boots only –  no work boots or unprotected ankles)
Long sleeved shirts and trousers (no t-shirts or shorts)

The Track
Re-fuelling in the pit lane only
Fuel to be stored in 5 litre containers only.
Each team must provide a fire extinguisher which is to be stored with their fuel container.

Smoking or naked flames are not permitted in the pit area – there is fuel in the area.
No riding in the pits or other public areas. Machines are to be pushed from the parking area to the pit lane.
Ride in the direction of the track layout
Follow all instructions of track marshals
No public allowed on the track or in the re-fuelling area – there are good viewing areas for spectators.

NO MAJOR REPAIR WORK TO BE CARRIED OUT IN THE PIT LANE – take your machine back to your vehicle.
If provided on the day a transponder must be attached to each machine as directed by the event organisers for lap scoring purposes. *Please note if we use transponders for lap scoring and timing we will require you to pay £40.00 refundable cash deposit. This will be returned when the transponder is handed back after the event.

All flags must be obeyed. Yellow = Slow down and ride with caution. Red = Stop. (No over taking when flags are used)

During the event, machines may be flagged off by the organisers or other officials at the track should they believe that there has been an infringement of the above rules, or that they believe that a machine has developed a dangerous condition. Their instructions must be obeyed.

Bike recovery

Team mates who have signed on are allowed track side to assist a team mate to recover their machine only if full safety clothing is worn (helmet not required) and they must wear a hi-viz vest. Permission to go out to the track must be obtained from a marshal or a track official.

On the day
Signing on  8.00 am to 10.00 am (Please bring your completed licence forms with you which we emailed out to team captains upon registration).

All team members who are riding will be required to sign on as well as handing in their completed licence forms. If you are already a MCF licence holder you still will be required to sign on at this time.

Transponders will be issued during this process to which you must pay a £40.00 cash refundable deposit.

All riders are to walk the track to familiarise themselves with the layout and conditions.
Rider briefing at 10.30 am – mandatory for all riders
Track event starts 11.00 am, finish time 4.00 pm

Team Entry
Each team is to nominate a Team Captain for contact purposes
All entries are guaranteed upon completion and submission of the entry form. Cost of entry is £110.00 per team and is payable via PayPal only.
PayPal Id: (The entry fee includes all day licences).
In the event that the event has to be postponed, the organisers will arrange a new date at no further cost. If a team wishes to withdraw from the new date then the entry fee will be returned minus any PayPal charges incurred by the organisers. Entries fees are otherwise non-refundable.

The Start of an Event

Under the direction of the Organisers, machines are to be lined up with Class 2 making up the first starting line and Class 1 behind. When the signal is given each team will complete one lap only and then return to line up once more. This is to ensure that each transponder has registered with the timing equipment and that completed laps are counted and not missed. Once this has taken place then the event will start by the organisers. Class 2 machines will be set off first before the Class 1 machines are released. This is to help ensure that there are no first corner incidents due to any speed differentials with the machines.

The Finish of an Event
The one lap to go flag will be displayed as soon as the duration of the event has reached 5 hours. The leading team in Class 2 will be allowed to complete that lap before the chequered flag will be displayed. The chequered flag will be displayed as the leading team in Class 2 passes the finish line and will be displayed until the last team has finished. The order of classification shall be determined upon the number of laps completed.


Results will be issued following the end of each event and will be deemed provisional until any protest and appeal times have elapsed


Ties in the overall results for a single event will be determined in favour of the team gaining the highest amount of laps completed. In the event of any tie then the place will be awarded to the team which completed the fastest total time to achieve those laps.

Accommodation at the track
Overnight camping is allowed on Friday & Saturday nights only. It is free for the entered team’s members. If you have others that would wish to stay over and camp with you then there is a further charge of £5.00 per person (accompanied under 16’s are free). This charge is payable by cash on each day during the booking on and a wristband will be issued to show that you have paid to stay. No wristband = no camping.
No arrivals before 4pm on the Friday night unless by prior arrangement.
Please indicate on the registration form how many campers you expect to stay over including yourself and your team. Note: there are toilet facilities on site but no showers.

 The Small Print!
* Please read all of the above details carefully as your entry is conditional in that you understand and you will comply with these rules. If you are found to be in breach of these rules on the day then you will be asked to stop riding and you may be excluded from the event. Refunds for entry will NOT be made back to any team who do not comply.
In the event of a protest against any team for infringement of the above rules then the protester must pay a £20.00 fee in cash to lodge the protest. If the protest is upheld then the £20.00 fee is refunded. If the protest is overturned, the £20.00 will be donated to the protested against team’s chosen charity. At the event organiser’s discretion, an unbiased person may be nominated to judge the protest. The decision as to the outcome of the protest is final and not subject to review. No protest can be lodged prior to the the start of the event, or after it has finished
You are respectfully reminded that this event is being held on private land and you will be staying as a guest of the landowner. Team Captains are responsible for the behaviour of the members of their group and in the event of unruly behaviour, you may be asked to leave. No items are to be left on site at the end of the event. Please take your rubbish home. Please consider other attendees;
The future of this event is at risk if you do not comply.